Missiles are inbound. Remember how you lived, and choose how you will die. There are 6 endings.

This was created in the span of about an hour to test out Bitsy. As such, you can probably find all of the endings within two minutes, but hopefully it gives you a brief smile before the missiles come raining down upon us all. Enjoy your apocalypse.

Built with Bitsy Game Maker.


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So many ways to spend your last seconds before dying.

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I think that is absolutely adorable. I really loved your philosophy!

Hello! In mid August (exact date TBD) there is going to be a Bitsy x Flatgames show at Babycastles and I was wondering if we could feature this game there along with 30 Seconds Past Midnight? Thank you!

i rly like your style! tho gosh the game is so sad.. 

I really liked the line "enjoy your apocalypse". That really summarizes what this game is. Really well done!

Very charming. Thanks.

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Excellently atmospheric.


This is the fastest a game has ever given me such a pit in my stomach. Well done.