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This was great! I love how this continues with the 30 seconds to Midnight story. I always love fetch quests, and in a setting like the apocalypse, this felt particularly pleasing. 

I'll admit this doesn't have quite the soul-crushing intimacy as 30 Seconds To Midnight, but I enjoyed it more, as a game. 

SPOILERS BELOW - do not read further if you haven't completed the game. 




The apparent continuity nod with the other protagonist 's dog was clever. It seems to confirm the final drink as the 'definitive' ending - at least in this reality.

Quite impressed by the economy of the gameplay - five fetch quests seamlessly integrated into three rooms. The hints were subtle enough not to railroad the player, but they all made sense; no repetitive trial-and-error or gonzo lateral thinking. 

All the NPCs showed distinct personality even within the span of a few tweet-length lines.

It's a shame that there doesn't appear to be a way to add conditional endings -- it would have been mighty satisfying to return to the tent with tea in hand.


I enjoy that you put a spoiler warning in for a two minute game. Thanks for the feedback!